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Boneless Hickory Smoked Turkey Breasts 4-6 lbs
  • Everybody's favorite,  ALL WHITE MEAT! Ready to eat delicacy, good either cold or heated. So it is perfect for any occasion. These breast will ship 2 per box, so that you can enjoy one now and save one for later! Moist and tender, these Bates Boneless Hickory Smoked Turkey Breasts are great for quick sandwiches or elegant meals. They are perfect for tailgating, beach trips, picnics, and dinners. Feeds 12-16 people


    Boneless Hickory Smoked Turkey Breasts 4-6 lbs

    SKU: BHSB-2
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    • Your Bates Hickory Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast is FULLY COOKED

                     To Use within one week—Leave the wrapper on and store in the refrigerator.

                     To Use Later—In original wrapper, place immediately into your freezer. To thaw, place turkey, still in original wrapper, in refrigerator for one to two full days.

                     To Heat your Turkey—Place turkey along with the juices from wrapper in baking pan and cover with foil. If no juices are present, just add a small amount of water to keep your turkey moist. Place pan in 300˚F Oven for approximately 5 minutes per pound, 20-25 minutes for average 2-3lb boneless turkey breast.

    • Nutritional Facts for Bates Hickory Smoked Turkey

      Based on serving size of 2oz (56 grams)

      Calories 60

            Calories from fat 10

      Total Fat 1.1 g                  2% daily value

      Cholesterol 18 mg          6% daily value

      Sodium 374mg               16% daily value

      Protein 12.4 g                  18% daily value


      Vitamin A                        0%

      Vitamin B                        0%

      Calcium                           0%

      Iron                                  25%

      No significant amount of Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber, or Sugars.

      Based on a 2000 Calorie Diet

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