Bates Hickory Smoked Turkey 8/10 lbs.

Bates Hickory Smoked Turkey 8/10 lbs.

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BATES turkeys are tender and moist! Our hickory smoked turkeys are smoked to perfection from green hickory wood cut on our farm. Turkey is lower in cholesterol, higher in protein, and lower in calorie content than other cooked meats. These turkeys are FULLY COOKED!

  • Shipping Information

    Shipments are packed and shipped from our farm on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday by UPS. To ensure the quality of our products all packages are shipped frozen, inside an insulated container and corrugated cardboard box for delivery within 3-4 days of shipment. 

    We cannot be responsible for non-delivery or delayed packages when the addresses given are incomplete or incorrect. Please verify your shipping information for accuracy before placing your order.

  • Care & Heating Instructions

    Your Bates Hickory Smoked Turkey is fully cooked

    To use within one week - Leave the wrapper on and store in the refrigerator. 

    To use later - In original wrapper, place immediately into your freezer. To thaw, place turkey, still in original wrapper, in the refrigerator for two days. 

    Occasionally a turkey might have a slight pink cast when sliced, this is a natural characteristic of a smoked turkey.